What do clinical laboratory personnel do?

Clinical laboratory scientists and clinical laboratory technicians (medical technologists and medical laboratory technicians) perform lab tests to detect, diagnose, and treat diseases. Most clinical laboratory personnel work in hospital laboratories. Many are also employed by private physicians, medical groups, public health and environmental laboratories, research facilities, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, universities, industrial medical laboratories, molecular diagnostic laboratories, and the armed forces.

What might a clinical laboratory technician do in a workday?

What might a clinical laboratory scientist do in a workday?

Developing a career as in clinical laboratory science?

With additional education, clinical laboratory scientists and technicians can become specialists in the following areas: clinical chemistry, microbiology, hematology, immunology, blood banking, virology, molecular biology, and laboratory safety.

How much salary do clinical laboratory professionals earn?

How do I become a clinical laboratory technician or a clinical laboratory scientist?

Students intending to pursue a clinical laboratory career should prepare by taking the most challenging high school courses available in science, math, and English.

To become a clinical laboratory scientist, students must either have a bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory science (medical technology) or an acceptable combination of higher education plus laboratory experience.

To become a clinical laboratory technician, an individual must have an associate degree in medical laboratory technology or an acceptable combination of an associate degree and laboratory experience. Individuals seeking to become technicians or laboratory scientists must pass a national certification examination.

Where else can I learn about becoming a clinical laboratory technician or scientist?

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American Medical Technologists
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American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
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