Pediatrician Dr. Robert Broughton has joined Piedmont Access to Health Services’ Danville clinic, seeing patients two days a week.

Broughton previously worked at Children’s Healthcare Center, but left the practice to fulfill a promise.

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“I promised my wife that when I turned 66, I wouldn’t take call in a hospital setting,” Broughton said, noting call hours were required at his previous practice.

Yet he isn’t ready for full retirement.

“I didn’t want to sit at home and do nothing,” he said. “I’d be bored stiff.”

He is looking forward to seeing patients yet still having more time to read or pick up golf, which his wife would like him to do.

PATHS offered him the balance he was seeking. Broughton is the second pediatrician to join the clinic, following Dr. Drew Baker. Broughton is hoping his patients and parents will follow him to PATHS, where he will be working Mondays and Wednesdays.

“I think they do an excellent job as far as service to the community,” he said.

Broughton, a former military pediatrician, has brought his efficient, yet thorough style to PATHS.

Broughton says there are two schools of thought that he’s encountered in pediatrics.

“You can have educated parents who come in when they need to, or uneducated parents who come in with kids with very little wrong with them,” he said.

Broughton says keeping parents on the run for every sniffle is good for the bottom line, but not the way he likes to practice medicine. He prefers educating patients and their parents so they can handle minor things, and spending more time with the patients who need more serious attention. He specializes in pediatric gastroenterology.

“If you walk in and out of a room in two minutes, I don’t think you gain anything,” he said.


(Posted: February 3, 2014 at / Story by: Mary Beth Jackson)