A teen has been charged in the death of a 19-year-old.  Investigators say he gave the victim a street drug called 251-NBOMe.


Counselors say parents need to be educated about the different drugs and talk to their kids.  They say believe it or not the number one reason kids don't use, is because of parental disapproval.

"To be there for them, support them. Make sure that they are doing good things. Love them. The relationship that a parent has with their child can mean the difference in the world," Behavioral Health Program Director Brian Tubbs said.

Tubbs says they are seeing more cases of marijuana abuse because of some states legalizing it and people think it is safer.  He says they are still stressing, it is not a good or safe drug.



Watch the video posted by WDBJ-7 at http://m.wdbj7.com/news/local/health-professionals-stress-the-importance-of-educating-parents-about-street-drugs/33387424#