The Board and Staff of Piedmont Access To Health Services, Inc. (PATHS) is proud to announce its effort to align all services and programs under an easily recognizable structure.

PATHS started in 2001 as Project Access, and over time added services like MEDAssist, CHAAP (Community HIV/AIDS Assistance Program), Health Centers of the Piedmont, and the Community Dental Clinic. “PATHS will continue to grow and it has become clear that we need to take advantage of this opportunity to clearly identify ourselves to our patients and the community at large,” said Kay Crane, Chief Executive Officer.

PATHS is presenting its new corporate logo today, and will spread this identity throughout the organization. All services will continue to operate just as they always have, but will be re-named as follows:

The goal and mission of the organization will remain as it always has been: to ensure that everyone in Southside Virginia has access to quality healthcare, regardless of ability to pay.

PATHS website ( and Facebook page (search for “Piedmont Access To Health Services”) have already been updated with the new logo. Over the coming weeks, signage and other identifying information will be updated as well.