PATHS' Board of Directors is a group of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and energy to provide the organization with ongoing guidance and leadership. They are vested with ultimate responsibility for the fiduciary management, and to ensure PATHS fulfills its mission of providing comprehensive and quality care to its patients. A founding principle of the organization is that a majority of its Board always be composed of active patients of the center. By assuring the Board reflects the many interests, issues and concerns of our communities, PATHS strengthens its commitment to remain a vibrant community-based organization responsive to the health care needs of the people and communities we serve. 

Members include:

Barry Mayo,, Consumer

Brandie King, Vice-Chair, Consumer, Associate Director of Day Support Services at Negril, Inc.

Dr. Laura Luffman, Secretary, Consumer, Veterinarian,

Dr. Clarence Kirby, Non-Consumer, Past Chair, Retired Dentist

Jim Daniel, Non- Consumer, Lawyer Past Chair,

Rita Childress, Consumer, Childress Home

Gregory Braund, Non-Consumer, Counselor,

Rachel Boyer, Pittsylvania County Social ServicesConsumer

Kathleen Bullano, Consumer


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