PATHS has partnered with Community Health Vote to provide non-partisan voter registration as one of the services we provide to our patients on an ongoing basis. Nationwide, Community Health Centers like PATHS provide a health care home for over 22 million people. We've found that many of our patients are eligible to vote but not registered or have registrations that need to be updated in order for them to be able to cast a ballot.  By making voter registration readily accessible and convenient for our patients, we hope to offer a pathway for patients to become more informed and civically engaged. 

Click here to download a Voter Registration Application

PATHS has staff available to assist you with either registering to vote for the first time, or updating your voter registration.  Contact any of our offices to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Voter Registration in VIRGINIA

Can people with a past felony conviction register & vote?

Virginians who have been convicted of a non-violent felony can have their rights automatically restored if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have been convicted of a non-violent felony in a Virginia court, or convicted in a U.S. District Court, military court or a court of another state or territory;
  • Have completed serving the prison sentence and been released from probation or parole; and
  • Have paid all court costs, fines to the Commonwealth and restitution to the victims, satisfied all court-ordered conditions, and have no pending felony charges

Those who have been convicted of violent felonies must apply to have their rights restored.  To find out more about the process for your felony conviction and what procedure you must follow, call the Restoration of Rights Division at 1-855-575-9177.


Can victims of domestic violence, assault or stalking keep their address private if they register to vote?

Virginia offers the Virginia Address Confidentiality Program which helps victims keep their new address confidential. Find out more information contact Melissa McMenemy at 804-692-0592 or 804-786-2071.


How do people experiencing homelessness register and vote?

A homeless person can register to vote if they intend to remain in a locality indefinitely and provides an address of the primary place where they stay at night. A mailing address is required to ensure that the voter will receive their registration card and to avoid cancellation of voting eligibility due to returned mail. Some homeless shelters allow people to have their voter registration cards mailed to the shelter address. By providing this service, the homeless person is able to pick up his/her card from the shelter address.