The city of Danville is celebrating big changes at Piedmont Access to Health Services, also known as PATHS.


COO of PATHS, Billy Crumpton, said families there are expected to benefit from the expanded services being offered because they're able to offer more and do more with an additional 10,000 square ft. of space.

"It's so exciting now to enjoy the celebration of looking at the finished product, that what feels like yesterday was nothing more than a bunch of lines on paper," said Crumpton.

"Now you have a 25,233 square foot building," announced Laura Barnes, with inkTank.

The expansion of Danville PATHS means more can be done for the community.

"In our area we're so medically under-served. It's very important to be able to expand services ans to see more patients to provide the care that they need," said Kay Crane, PATHS CEO.

Two years of planning and building, and now they expanded their pediatric services.

"Our kids have a space of their own that is independent of where mom and dad would go to the doctor," Crumpton said. 

The pharmacy used to be a very tight squeeze. Not anymore.

"Now the capacity of our pharmacy is more than four times what it was. In terms of being able to serve a larger segment of the community our pharmacy is now equipped to do that," Crumpton said. 

There's also extra space in the dental office. Also, PATHS will soon be venturing into the OB-GYN field.

"It will be a place of fun and excitement for new moms as they're entering that new chapter in their life," Crumpton said. 

The project cost nearly $3 million, but most of it was funded through a federal grant.

PATHS said there's a misconception that it only serves the uninsured, or those with low-income, but it actually offers services to everyone.


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