When a child dies, the world stops for that family, and the holidays become a time of painful rememberrance rather than a time of celebration. The 14th Compassional Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting has been set for December 12, and marks a day where families around the globe will light candles in rememberrance of all children who have died -- regardless of age, cause of death or ethnic origin. p>

PATHS encourages everyone to take part in this day of rememberance by doing two things on Sunday, December 12th

  1. Light a candle in your home and let it burn for 1 hour between 7PM and 8PM. 
  2. Visit PATHS on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Piedmont-Access-To-Health-Services-Inc/170774619612771), and change your Facebook default picture to the icon we've provided for you there.

A "Rememberance Book" will be open through the day on December 12th on The Compassionate Friends national website (http://www.compassionatefriends.org/) to post memorial messages.  Last year, those messages totalled in the thousands.

Share this with everyone you know and help spread the word about this day... it's for our children who are loved, missed, and always remember.